C_HANAIMP_11 模擬試験サンプル - C_HANATEC151日本語 関連復習問題集


NO.1 Which of the following would you create to ensure the fastest calculation performance?
A. A calculated column in an SAP HANA information model
B. An input parameter in an SAP HANA information model
C. A calculated measure in an SAP BusinessObjects universe
D. A report variable in an SAP BusinessObjects reporting client
Answer: A

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NO.2 You have to extract entities such as persons, countries, products, and places from business text
such as PDF files.
Which of the following tools in SAP HANA could you use?
A. Application function libraries
B. Python-based text analysis scripts
C. Full-text search Ul toolkit
D. Fuzzy search
Answer: B

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NO.3 Which of the following objects can you use when you build an analytic view? (Choose three)
A. Hierarchies
B. Variables
C. Projections
D. Analytic Views
E. Attribute Views
Answer: A,B,E

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NO.4 You need to create an SAP HANA data model based on a star schema. Which SAP HANA engine
is recommended for analytical purposes?
A. Row store engine
B. Join engine
C. Calculation engine
D. OLAP engine
Answer: D